Even before the start of your event, we start preparing. Together we will look at your media needs, your budget and our assortment. Our account managers and project managers work closely with you to create a complete package. This ensures that your event is easily found, sponsors are easily visible and visitors can easily find their way in the spaces. Our experienced studio team can then provide you with a beautiful and effective design so that you can carry the recognizable appearance of the event everywhere. When everything has been approved, we will make sure that everything is produced and installed according to the agreement. We take care of this process completely so you don't have to look at it.

"We think in solutions to reach the

desired end result together."


- Marc van Riet, CEO


From providing a poster to mega sponsor expressions and LED walls or the signage of a complete location. We combine your wishes with our expertise and come up with creative solutions. Challenge us! Partnion is not a reactive, but a pro-active supplier. We advise you throughout the process, from start to finish, to achieve the highest possible result. We are proud to provide project management, design, production, installation and of course also disassembly.


For our customers, preparing for an event often means dividing attention between the different parties to ensure that each party does exactly what is expected. Because we understand very well that pro-activity is more of a requirement than a wish, we also offer you a project management team with a lot of experience to keep an overview of your project and schedule. Both in the preparation and on-site, you can confidently leave the responsibility with us. When we say we'll take care of it, we definitely keep our promise!


Partnion works daily towards a better future. Sustainability is an important core value that is widely embraced within our organization. From sustainable production, to reducing transport moments, modular building, thinking about sustainable packaging methods, waste management and LEAN organizing processes. We know the trends and quickly implement innovative sustainable possibilities in our company. Being sustainable - is doing sustainably and this goes far beyond just producing green.

Partnion has developed a project management system that provides structure. The progress of your project can be easily tracked live from design to final installation at any time. Here you can approve or disapprove artwork, see which items still need action to be taken, and see which items are already in production. Through SignSaver, we provide clarity, overview, and prevent stress and errors, which are easily created in the busyness before the start of an event.

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